Literature   German Book Office in New York 
  Reviews of recently translated German books (in English) 
    German language literature online (Gutenberg Projekt)
Newspapers and Magazines    Worldpress review online; identifies the political orientation of a newspaper
German newspapers and magazines

Austrian newspapers and magazines
Swiss newspapers and magazines
Liechtenstein newspapers and magazines
    GLP News Subscription service for German-language newspapers and magazines 
Teaching related web sites Learning German online AATG database of web sites that offer German exercises at different levels
Statistisches Bundesamt Deutschland
Statistical data about Germany
Andreas Lixl-Purcell
Website with links to other websites

European Union
European Union   Die Europäische Union (auf Deutsch) 
European Union
Economic and Monetary
  Activities of the European Union Economic and Monetary Affairs
Audio-Visual Library   Audio-visual documents
Council of the EU (German)   Latest news about the European Union in German
Council of the EU (English)   Latest news about the European Union in English 
European Central Bank    
The Euro   Website about the Euro
by the European Central Bank 
Free EU Publications   Order forms for publications about the EU by the Delegation of the European Commission to the USA 

Selected links in Germany
Auswärtiges Amt  
Brieffreundschaften   If you are looking for penpals, go to this webpage from the Goethe Institut
DHM   Deutsches Historisches Museum / Berlin

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